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Introduced to the idea of cold therapy around 4 years ago we became infatuated with the art of this type of recovery/wellness. The benefits, although most unrecognized in medicine, are seemingly endless. The thought that just exposing the body to extremely low temperature can bring so many benefits is quite fascinating and extraordinary.

Having jumped right into selling, installing, and maintaining whole body cryosaunas, we really took a crash course in the machines and the way different environments and bodies entering the unit were affected. The need for WBC units is growing here in the states. New cryotherapy and wellness centers are popping up all over the United States. With needs beyond the machines creating the cold, we found a lack of support for the accessories needed to run the businesses. Gloves, booties, robes, safety equipment, marketing material the list goes on and on. That is when The Cryo Supply was born.

We are in the industry to support your unique needs for a successful cryotherapy business.

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